Spectrum News 1: Capital Tonight May 9, 2024
One-on-one with former President Donald Trump

WWL First News with Tommy Tucker May 1, 2024
Getting the latest on the Israel/Hamas war and how it could end

Spectrum News 1: Capital Tonight
 April 15, 2024
Iranian Strikes on Israel: What’s Next?

WWL First News with Tommy Tucker April 15, 2024
Iran attacked Israel…what happens next?

WWL First News with Tommy Tucker
 April 9, 2024
How is the Biden administration handling the Israel/Hamas war?

Spectrum News 1: Capital Tonight April 4, 2024
International Pressure on Israel Ramps Up as War With Hamas Continues

Duke Today
April 2, 2024
Salam Fayyad on the Day After the War in Gaza

The Duke Chronicle
April 2, 2024
Former Palestinian PM talks two-state solution, creating sustainable peace at Provost’s Initiative event

WWL First News with Tommy Tucker January 22, 2024
Who are the Houthis, and why is the US fighting them?

LiveNOW from FOX December 29, 2023
Israeli military forces continue to expand ground operations in Gaza

LiveNOW from FOX December 28, 2023
Interview: Stephanie with Dr. Bruce Jentleson on Israel-Hamas war latest

Politico Magazine
December 27, 2023
Quoted by Michael Hirsh in The Biden Administration Is Quietly Shifting Its Strategy in Ukraine

WWL First News with Tommy Tucker December 27, 2023
Getting the latest on the Israel/Hamas War

LiveNOW from FOX
December 10, 2023
Israel-Hamas War Intensifies

Spectrum News 1: Capital Tonight
November 18, 2023
Easing Tensions With China After Friction

Tying It Together with Tim Boyum November 1, 2023
Behind the war: Duke professor explains the history between Israel and Hamas

The Duke Chronicle October 26, 2023
Author Dahlia Scheindlin discusses causes, possible consequences of Israel-Hamas war at Duke AGS event

The Washington Quarterly Fall 2023
Beyond the Rhetoric: A Globally Credible US Role for a “Rules-Based Order”

LiveNOW from FOX October 22, 2023
U.S. involvement in Israel-Hamas war

Spectrum News 1 October 14, 2023
Duke professor shares his perspective on the war between Hamas and Israel

Spectrum News 1: Capital Tonight
 October 10, 2023
Israel-Hamas war puts long-term dispute back in the spotlight

WWL First News October 9, 2023
Hamas launched a deadly attack against Israel. Here’s what you need to know, segment beginning at 1m35sec.

WRAL News October 7, 2023
Intelligence Failures and Retaliation Worries: Looming Concerns After Attack in Israel, interview.

The Christian Science Monitor July 31, 2023
How Israel democracy battle is challenging Biden…and US Jews, interviewed by Howard LaFranchi.

WPTF Afternoon News with Nate Saunders July 25, 2023 (podcast)
Conversation with Nate Saunders on the Israeli Parliament’s recent approval of a law severely limiting the Supreme Court’s power over government decisions

International Studies Perspectives March 2023
Bridging the Gap in a Changing World: New Opportunities and Challenges for Engaging Practitioners and the Public, with Jordan Tama, Nazneen H. Barma, James Goldgeier and Brent Durbin.

Foreign Policy March 29, 2023
American Consensus on Ukraine Has Fractured

Spectrum News 1 February 25, 2023
One Year of War in Ukraine

Spectrum News 1 February 24, 2023
One year after invasion, Ukrainian soldier reunites with family

The National Interest February 23, 2023
Will the American-Ukraine Consensus Start to Crack?

CBS17 February 20, 2023
NC policy expert weighs Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine

The Briefing with Steve Scully February 10, 2023 (radio show)
Bruce Jentleson on Earthquake Aid, the Chinese Balloon, and the War in Ukraine

KCBS Radio February 6, 2023 (podcast)
Former foreign policy advisor on the implications of the Chinese balloon

Spectrum News 1 February 5, 2023 (clip)
Political divide over shooting of balloon

WRAL February 4, 2023
China balloon: Many questions about suspected spy in the sky

ABC11 February 4, 2023
US downs Chinese spy balloon off the Carolinas coast

CBS17 February 3, 2023
Duke political science professor explains why Chinese balloon is over U.S.

WRAL February 3, 2023
Here’s what to worry about and what not as Chinese balloon drifts over US

Capital Tonight, Spectrum News, Raleigh NC December 1, 2022
Discussion of Developments in Iran, China, and Russia-Ukraine (Speaking from 11:35 through 20:45)

The Wilson Center October 26, 2022
The Case For and Against Sanctions

Oxford University Press Blog October 22, 2022
Sanctions: who uses sanctions, why, and what impact do they have?

Australian Institute of International Affairs – Victoria October 12, 2022
Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know

The Frontier Post October 7, 2022
“We need to stop making sanctions the default option.”

Responsible Statecraft October 5, 2022
“We impose these things and then that’s it”: McGovern tears into US sanctions policy

Global Dispatches Podcast October 4, 2022
The Coming War of Economic Attrition Between Russia and the West

U.S. Congress Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission October 4, 2022
Considerations on Economic Sanctions

Futurity October 3, 2022
Experts: Protests in Iran Mark Deep Divides in Society

Duke Today September 29, 2022
Protests Grow More Frequent as Young Iranians Demand More Freedom

New York Times September 29, 2022
Opinion | Donald Can’t Quit Maggie

Wilson NOW September 28, 2022
Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace September 21, 2022
Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know

Washington Examiner August 24, 2022
Ukraine marks 31 years of independence, 6 months of war, and spirit of defiance

Spectrum News 1 August 23, 2022
Biden announces $3B in military aid for Ukraine as Russia’s invasion hits six-month mark

The Business Standard August 20, 2022
Who’s Winning the Sanctions War?

Foreign Policy August 18, 2022
Who’s Winning the Sanctions War?

Spectrum News: NY1 April 15, 2022
What’s in a word: Why Biden calling Russia’s actions in Ukraine ‘genocide’ matters

WRAL April 14, 2022
WRAL News poll finds high anxiety over Ukraine conflict

Vox March 25, 2022
NATO was in crisis. Putin’s war made it even more powerful.

Spectrum News March 24, 2022
Analyzing the U.S. response to the war in Ukraine

Newsweek March 22, 2022
Zelensky’s Vote to End Russia War Near ‘Impossible’ Without Putin Approval

USA Today & Yahoo! News March 22, 2022
‘War criminal’: As Biden gets personal with Putin, US, Russia relationship hits a dangerous crisis

Duke University March 15, 2022

Duke Today March 15, 2022
‘Putin Has Gotten The Opposite of What He Wanted,’ Russia Expert Says

Today UK News March 14, 2022
Russia taking over Ukraine could be a headache for Putin

Wilson Center March 11, 2022
Sanctioning Russia: Implications for the Global Economy

The Guardian March 11, 2022
We call on Biden to reject reckless demands for a no-fly zone

Politico March 10, 2022
North Korea tested its first ICBM since 2017

Newsweek March 8, 2022
Ukraine Accepting Russia’s Demands for Ending War Could Be Its Downfall

News Nation March 7, 2022
Do people understand what a no-fly zone would mean?

PolitiFact March 7, 2022
The case for and against establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine

The Sydney Morning Herald March 2, 2022
Why the US won’t fight in Ukraine

Washington Post March 2, 2022
Americans are united on Ukraine — and in their uncertainty about what’s next

Washington Post March 1, 2022
Calls grow for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Here’s what it would mean.

InsuranceNewsNet February 25, 2022
Duke Scholars: Putin’s Invasion Reveals Leader ‘Disconnected In Many Senses From Reality’

EMEA Tribune February 25, 2022
President Biden Will Impose Direct Sanctions Targeting Russian President Vladimir Put…

Maine Beacon February 25, 2022
Waves of Russian forces launch assault on Ukraine as Biden institutes new sanctions

Yahoo News February 25, 2022
Can Russia withstand the latest sanctions from the West?

Sanford School at Duke February 25, 2022
The Truth About Sanctions

Los Angeles Times February 24, 2022
Biden stiffens sanctions on Russia over Ukraine invasion

WRAL February 24, 2022
Triangle-based Ukrainians call on support; economic impact from Ukraine-Russia conflict felt in US stocks, oil

Nevada Current February 24, 2022
Waves of Russian forces launch assault on Ukraine as Biden institutes new sanctions

Duke Today February 24, 2022
Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Reveals Leader ‘Disconnected in Many Sense From Reality,’ Expert Says

Duke University Media Briefings February 24, 2022
Russian Troops in Ukraine

The National Interest December 13, 2021
Biden’s Summit for Democracies Betrayed U.S. Interests

The Atlantic December 10, 2021
Diplomacy Alone Can’t Save Democracy

Washington Post December 9, 2021
How Nord Stream 2 has become a pivotal foreign policy issue for Biden

Katie Couric Media December 9, 2021
Biden Is Hosting a Democracy Summit — But Is America the Right Country for the Job?

Washington Post December 8, 2021
Biden’s summit: What’s democracy got to do with it?

France 24 September 12, 2021
Biden rings the alarm on state of democracy worldwide

Al Jazeera December 7, 2021
US voting rights in spotlight ahead of Biden’s ‘Democracy Summit’

Voice of America August 31, 2021
Afghanistan Withdrawal Damaged Biden Politically, but for How Long?

The Chuck Todd Podcast: Meet the Press August 18, 2021
A self-fulfilling-worst-case-scenario in Afghanistan

The News & Observer August 17, 2021
‘It’s just heartbreaking.’ Triangle community reacts to Taliban forces taking over Kabul

Spectrum News 1 June 13, 2021
Unrest in Cuba as protests grow against government

Wisconsin Public Radio June 18, 2021
Takeaways From President Biden’s Meeting With Putin

The Library of Congress June 3, 2021
Kissinger Chairs Reflect on the 20th Anniversary of the Chair’s Establishment

The Washington Post May 28, 2022
The E.U. wants to toughen sanctions on Belarus. How likely is that to work?

The Christian Science Monitor May 18, 2021
Can US be honest broker in Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Wisconsin Public Radio March 22, 2021
A Look At U.S. Foreign Policy Under Biden Administration

Charlotte Talks February 8, 2021
WFAE 90.7
Politics Monday: Previewing Trump’s Impeachment Trial 2.0

Sanford School of Public Policy January 26, 2021, Duke University
5 Research-Based Ideas for the Biden Administration

Keen On Podcast January 16, 2021

James Goldgeier and Bruce W. Jentleson on America’s New Role in the World Under Joe Biden

Council on Foreign Relations January 15, 2021
Transition 2021: What Can Biden Get Done?

Wisconsin Public Radio January 11, 2021
The State Of America From The Outside Looking In

Conversation Six December 9, 2020

American Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, with Jordan Tama

The Christian Science Monitor November 18, 2020

Under Biden, State Department needs to be rebuilt. But better.

BBC November 17, 2020

Interview with Bruce Jentleson

New York South East Post November 14, 2020

Trump, still not conceding defeat, hails vaccine progress

Duke Today November 13, 2020

Duke in the News: Assessing Election Challenges, Vaccine Optimism

Microsoft News November 12, 2020

Trump’s election attacks sow distrust and pose US security threat, experts warn

The Guardian November 12, 2020

Trump’s election attacks sow distrust and pose US security threat, experts warn

CBS-17 November 11, 2020

State elections board addresses ‘rapidly spreading misinformation’ as mail-in ballots continue to be processed

The Charlotte Observer November 11, 2020

NC experts see hazards ahead as Trump claims a stolen election

Raleigh News & Observer November 11, 2020

NC experts see hazards ahead as Trump claims a stolen election

CBC Radio-Canada November 11, 2020

Trump behaviour damaging Biden transition, says former Gore adviser

Media Briefings November 11, 2020

Duke University

Navigating an Unprecedented Presidential Transition

Conversation Six Podcast October 2020

BWJentleson & jordantama

Ways & Means Podcast October 15, 2020

Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy

Secrets of Great Political Leadership

Foreign Affairs September 25, 2020

The United States Is Not Entitled to Lead the World

FeniksPod July 30, 2020

FeniksPolitik, Berlin, Germany

An Interview with Bruce W. Jentleson Part 1

An Interview with Bruce W. Jentleson Part 2

Full Interview

WWL First News With Tommy Tucker July 7, 2020

WWL Radio, New Orleans

Iranian Nuclear Facility Destroyed

NOW Series May 7, 2020

The Wilson Center

Will COVID-19 Transform the Global World Order?

Policy 360 Podcast April 30, 2020

A Wartime President?

Australian National University March 13, 2020

Democrats can exploit Trump’s global failures at election

Charlotte Talks January 21, 2020

WFAE Radio

Previewing The Senate Impeachment Trial

The San Francisco Chronicle January 8, 2020

Not much Democrats can do to stop Trump from striking Iran again

The Baltimore Sun December 5, 2019

At 70, is NATO still important? 5 essential reads

Charlotte Talks November 13, 2019

WFAE Radio

Previewing The Road Ahead For Impeachment Probe

WHYY’s Radio Times October 24, 2019


Impeachment probe intensifies

Al Hurra Television August 2, 2019

“Middle East Peace Process”

Al Hurra Television July 25, 2019

“Persian Gulf Crisis”

BBC World TV News July 9, 2019

Controversy over British Ambassador and Leaked Emails

WOL Radio New Orleans July 9, 2019

“Iran Crisis”

NOW Series May 28, 2019

The Wilson Center

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Future of the Liberal International Order

WarCast March 1, 2019

War on the Rocks

U.S.-North Korea Summit Ends Abruptly: What North Korea Offered

Washington Post March 1, 2019

Abrupt end of summit may have exposed limits of Trump’s strategy on Kim

Capital Tonight February 28, 2019

Spectrum News

Foreign Policy Experts on Pres. Trump’s North Korea Summit

Wake with Luke Vargas February 27, 2019

Talk Media News

Is a deal to end the Korean War on the table in Hanoi?

The Morning Show January 15, 2019

Wisconsin Public Radio

FBI Reportedly Investigated President Trump in Counterintelligence Probe

On Point with Sasha Pfeiffer December 05, 2018


‘Steady And Prudent And Able’: The Diplomatic Legacy Of George H.W. Bush

The Chronicle November 14, 2018

Duke University

“The ‘liberal world order’ doesn’t need to be saved, Duke professor argues at talk”

Duke University November 13, 2018

Duke at Home in the World Events

“The End of the Liberal World Order?”

The New York Times November 11, 2018

“Trump’s Nationalism, Rebuked at World War I Ceremony, Is Reshaping Much of Europe”

University of North Carolina September 27, 2018

Krasno Event Series

“The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from 20th Century Statesmanship”

“Prof. Klaus Larres in conversation with Prof. Bruce Jentleson”

Sanford School of Public Policy September 4, 2018

“Jentleson Honored for Scholarship, Public Service”

WNHN 94.7 August 7, 2018

The Attitude with Arnie Arneson Part I:

“Millennials are so over the US domination of world affairs”

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs July 26, 2018

“Deep Dish: Avoiding War” By Brian Hanson, Bruce Jentleson, Paul Stares

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs July 10, 2018

“Top 10 Podcasts for the 2017-2018 Program Year” #7

The Kathmandu Post June 19, 2018

“On Nepal-China relations” by Rajeshwor Acharya and Dinesh Bhattarai

 Univ of Toronto Munk School and Oxford Univ Press June 18, 2018

“Global Summitry”

CATO Institute June 12, 2018

Power Problems: “Statesmanship in the 21st Century”

Carrie Kaufman Morning Show: Wisconsin Public Radio June 12, 2018

“U.S.-North Korea Summit In Light Of Weekend Kerfuffles With Allies”

John Harwood: CNBC June 11, 2018

“‘Happy talk’ or ‘catastrophic success’ – the range of Trump-Kim summit outcomes”

Democracy: A Journal of Ideas Spring 2018 NO. 48

“The Liberal Order Isn’t Coming Back: What Next?”

Reprinted in The Global Square Magazine

Book Signing : Regulator Bookshop May 31, 2018

Bruce Jentleson, “The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from Twentieth-Century Statesmanship”

Book TV: CSPAN-2 May 26, 2018

The Peace Makers: Bruce Jentleson, public policy professor at Duke University, profiled world leaders who sought peace through diplomatic actions

Kate Archer Kent The Morning Show: Wisconsin Public Radio May 4, 2018

What Can We Learn About Peace And Global Change From Twentieth Century Leaders?

Radio National Australia May 1, 2018

Peacemaking: Lessons from the 20th Century

Podcast: CIPS uOttawa – CEPI April 30, 2018

Bruce Jentleson’s “The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from Twentieth-Century Statesmanship”

Frank Stasio The State of Things: WUNC North Carolina Public Radio April 24, 2018

What Can We Learn From 20th Century Leaders?

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb April 24, 2018

The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from Twentieth-Century Statesmanship

Kate Archer Kent The Morning Show: Wisconsin Public Radio March 20, 2018

“Russia Investigation Back In Spotlight After Busy Weekend”

Global Asia Winter 2017-18

“Trump’s Global Foreign Policy is Bad News for Asia”

The Century Foundation January 24, 2018

Strategic Recalibration: A Palmerstonian U.S. Middle East Regional Strategy

The Century Foundation

TCF World Podcast: Dealing with Iran and Rebalancing American Interests

The Century Foundation January 17, 2018

Limited team, impetuous leader

in “Trump’s First Year Unsettles World Politics”

Tommy Tucker Show WWL January 2, 2018

“What’s going on in Iran?”

Tommy Tucker Show WWL December 7, 2017

“Triangle Palestinians, Jews worry Trump’s Jerusalem announcement could spark violence”

Christian Science Monitor December 6, 2017

“What recognizing Jerusalem means for U.S. role as Mideast mediator”

i24NEWS English

“Unilateral US Sanctions on Iran won’t have the desired effect”

Tommy Tucker Show WWL September 27, 2017

“Can President Trump get a Middle East peace deal?”

DukeToday September 12, 2017

Teaching Trump-Era Politics in the Classroom

Matisak’s Blog August 13, 2017

Comments on President Trump’s Charlottesville Statements

­Joy Cardin Show Wisconsin Public Radio May 15, 2017

Analyzing The Political Effects Of The Firing Of James Comey

San Francisco Chronicle May 10, 2017

“How special prosecutors faded, and how they could be revived”

By: Bob Egelko

Tommy Tucker Show WWL April 7, 2017

“Was the US attack against Syria the right move?”

Joy Cardin Show Wisconsin Public Radio March 21, 2017

“FBI Director Confirms Investigation Into Trump-Russia Ties, Offers No Evidence Of Wiretapping”

Joy Cardin Show Wisconsin Public Radio February 3, 2017

“What Lies Ahead For the Trump Administration and Foreign Policy”

News Radio 680: WPTF January 27, 2017

“Jentleson on Trump”

Joy Cardin Show Wisconsin Public Radio December 19, 2016

“What’s Next For The U.S. In Terms of Russia, China, And The Syrian Civil War”

 Politico December 29, 2016

“U.S. sidelined as Putin calls the shots on Syria cease-fire”

By: Nahal Toosi

Foreign Policy in Determining the Election: November 2nd Podcast

For more Podcasts check out Duke University Campaign Stop 2016 Foreign Exchange:

War on the Rocks Blog August 18, 2016

“American Power in the Rearview Mirror and on the Road Ahead”

War on the Rocks June 29, 2015

“How To Bridge the Gap Between Policy and Scholarship”

NPR Interview December 15, 2015

Other In the Media:

WWL Radio-

Roundtable, “Does the Academy Matter? Do Policy Makers Listen? Should You Get a Ph.D.? And Where are All the Women?”, Foreign Policy, March/April 2014.