Media & Public Lectures


The Christian Science Monitor July 31, 2023: How Israel democracy battle is challenging Biden…and US Jews, interviewed by Howard LaFranchi.

WPTF Afternoon News with Nate Saunders July 25, 2023: Conversation with Nate Saunders on the Israeli Parliament’s recent approval of a law severely limiting the Supreme Court’s power over government decisions

International Studies Perspectives March 2023: Bridging the Gap in a Changing World: New Opportunities and Challenges for Engaging Practitioners and the Public, with Jordan Tama, Nazneen H. Barma, James Goldgeier and Brent Durbin.

Foreign Policy March 29, 2023: American Consensus on Ukraine Has Fractured

Spectrum News 1 February 25, 2023: Defying the odds: One year of war in Ukraine

Public Lectures

Duke Program in American Grand Strategy, Duke University February 13, 2023: Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know

The Wilson Center recorded September 28, 2022; distributed October 26, 2022: The Case For and Against Sanctions

Australian Institute of International Affairs – Victoria October 12, 2022: Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know

Global Dispatches October 4, 2022: The Coming War of Economic Attrition Between Russia and the West

Wilson NOWWilson Center September 28, 2022: Sanctions: What Everyone Needs to Know