Media & Public Lectures


Spectrum News 1 February 25, 2023: Defying the odds: One year of war in Ukraine

Spectrum News 1 February 24, 2023: One year after invasion, Ukrainian soldier reunites with family 

The National Interest February 23, 2023: Will the American-Ukraine Consensus Start to Crack?

Capital Tonight, Spectrum News, Raleigh NC December 1, 2022: Discussion of Developments in Iran, China, and Russia-Ukraine (Speaking from 11:35 through 20:45)

The Wilson Center – recorded September 28, 2022; distributed October 26, 2022: The Case For and Against Sanctions

Public Lectures

Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI) October 26, 2021: The Biden Foreign Policy: First Year Assessment

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace February 4, 2021: Carnegie Connects: Can America Still Promote Democracy Abroad?

American Grand Strategy Program, Duke University January 25, 2021: National Security Challenges for the Biden Administration

Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria November 5, 2020: American Foreign Policy After the Election

Australian National University March 11, 2020: American Foreign Policy and the 2020 Presidential Election – Event Flyer